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IMG_0141My name is Matthew Wright. During the week I work for an agency that’s been developing for the web pretty much since Al Gore didn’t invent it (Tim Berners-Lee really deserves the credit for that). If you have a big project and you’re looking for a stellar collective of web ninjas and marketing gurus check out Angelsmith.

Cottage Coding is my answer to little projects. The ones that don’t have the budget to make a creative team realistic. That was the size of a project that motivated me to learn to code in the first place. I was starting a new business and wanted a personalized site, but I couldn’t find a professional serving my niche. So I took a class, loved it, and have been building sites ever since.

I think of myself as the alternative to do-it-yourself solutions that require no programming knowledge. There are some decent ones out there for cheap or free. You choose a template, plug in some text, upload a few photos, and call it a day. That sort of thing might serve your purposes, and if so, bully for you!

If you’re looking for something somewhere between off-the-shelf templates and epic agency project, this might be the place. You got ideas for design? Great! Show me your drawing on a cocktail napkin and I may be able to help you make it a reality. I build custom WordPress websites with standards-compliant HTML and CSS.

custom WordPress websites?

Isn’t that all templates? No way! WordPress is not just a blogging site, it’s the basis for an open-source content management system (or a CMS, for short). That means once your site is built you’ll be able to log into your CMS the same way that you log into Facebook or your email, and change the content on your site without help from me or any other hired geek. It’s all the ease of a template with the personalization of a custom site.

Fun stat: 22% of all sites on the world wide web are on the WordPress platform. Some are on the blogging hub WordPress.com, but many of them are custom WordPress websites like this one. You probably don’t even know you’re looking at a WordPress site half the time, but 22 percent saturation means you look at them everyday. That 22 percent is up from single digits just a few years ago. WordPress is quickly becoming the defacto standard for lots of things.

The regular work week my agency has dibs on my time, but nights and weekends I like to bring quality sites that are personal and dynamic within the grasp of the little guy. Check out my portfolio and shoot me an email about your project. Estimates are always free.